23 Dec

Enterprise Security solution

Enterprise security solution built to safeguard Enterprise digital resources. A ground up product implementation built to protect critical Enterprise digital resources from intrusions, ransom ware and all known viruses, including flexibility to add new virus definitions to support future needs. The solution will provide security solutions across platform/OS’s , including mobile and IoT platforms


  • Evolutionary design
  • Core Engine Architecture for addressing contemporary digital devices security needs
  • Handling Volume of virus definitions in real time
  • Deployment of the solution in consonance with Organization security Architecture
  • Scale of Visioning, Architecture, Design and Development
  • Accompanying research of contemporary Anti virus solutions and defining a vision to cater to
    modern security needs.

Solution / Value Added

  • Innovative/flexible design to cater to evolving security needs
  • Minimal memory operational /Running footprint
  • Best of breed of open source web Technology stack used in implementation
  • Support for both Push/Pull model for security updates
  • Cost Optimal solution