23 Dec

Vehicle Command & Resource Optimization system

A world leader in Mining systems had a proprietary implementation of managing on field moving vehicles/devices(cranes/showels/trucks) etc.. A complex hardware and software system was used to drive resource optimization of costly vehicles during a work day. In addition the system also monitored the vehicle health parameters like tyre pressure, Oil temperature etc. in real time. The scope was to implement the vehicle command software system in contemporary technologies, and hence build a Hardware neutral(decoupled) solution


  • Porting the legacy implementation to platform neutral implementation(hardware independent)
    to decouple hardware and software
  • Decipher complex proprietary algorithms and smart resource allocation intelligence
    implemented in C/C++
  • Absence of Documentation/Original implementers or any other Experts of the system
    Stringent timelines
  • Collecting vehicle Health parameters and Communicating with Central Machine Optimization server in real time
  • Proprietary Custom communication Protocol implementation

Solution / Value Added

  • Reverse engineered and cracked every single piece of intelligence from the legacy code
  • Solution ported to device neutral platform in J2EE
  • Designed and Developed a Low Memory footprint solution for optimal hardware dependency
  • Created the missing knowledge base. Tested the solution on simulation and then actual
    devices successfully