03 Jan

Competency Calibration / Assessment Engine

Programming Competency assessment engine to evaluate/calibrate skills of IT resources. The solution is adaptable to cater to varied resourcing needs like Hiring, performance appraisals, promotions, training’s etc. The solution caters to retail as well as bulk needs like walk-in recruitment events. The solution is available on cloud and can be availed in minimal time for serving Organization needs.


  • Complex competency attributes measurement Like design ability, coding ability
  • Automating the assessment of Objective and programming assignments

Solution / Value Added

  • Design and implementation of the cloud based solution
  • Cost effective solution using the best of breed open source technologies.
  • Innovative/flexible design for future extensions to cater to the future business needs
  • Fast/responsive user interface
  • Automated analysis of programming constructs and reporting on various competency