A turnkey solution to conducting simultaneous paperless examination across multiple geographically dispersed locations in a secure environment. The perennial question paper integrity, answer sheets sanity and tracking, examination logistics management, exam score sanity and management problems. With this solution we endeavor to address the core problem of conducting assessment examinations for academic, industry recruitments, by making the whole processes of examination management go paperless i.e. making it completely digital.

The system manages and distributes question papers electronically to the examination centers electronically, over a secure communication channel. The integrity of question papers is managed by using strong encryption algorithms. The question papers are delivered at the examination to the designated centre’s at an appropriate time, as per the schedule.

Setting of Question Papers

The question papers are set and stored in the system using strong encryption and cannot be accessed or viewed by any unauthorized personnel.

For the candidates the experience is very similar to that of conventional writing on paper, except that in this case, they write their responses using tablets and pens. After the answer sheets are submitted, the candidates’ answer sheets are kept in secure location, in an encrypted form, at all times and are tamper proof.

EMS provides an Examiners’ Portal too. The examiners login to the system through a normal web interface. They can view the answer sheets of candidates allocated to them for marking. The examiners are able to allocate marks online, and also write comments against each answer, if they want to. The system stores the marks allocated safely.

The Paperless system manages the end to end process of conducting exams. The system

• Definition of Exams
• Allocating candidates to various centers
• Setting of question papers
• Printing of question papers
• Distribution of question papers to various centers
• Administration of exams in the centers
• Attendance tracking
• Collection of answer sheets and sending them to the QA cell
• Barcode tagging of answer sheets
• Distribution of answer sheets to examiners
• Marks entry after the sheets are checked
• Double marks entry
• Resolution of mark entry mistakes, if any
• Calculation of grades
• Publishing of grades or marksheets

Major Advantages of the paperless examination system

  • Question bank
  • Easy creation of question papers
  • Complete Security in question paper delivery, examination conduction, and collection of answer sheets
  • No need for explicit attendance tracking
  • No need for barcode tagging
  • Electronic marks allocation which ensures that marks entry process is simplified