We are a passionate bunch of professionals constantly striving for excellence to ensure our work customers remain ahead in the game. The experience of having hands-on technology veterans, with business acumen, in the team gives us the extra leeway too appreciate business contexts and see through the eyes of the customers.

Results matter to us as we share and imbibe the he vision of our customers

We are guided by our values everyday, in everything we do. For us a happy customer is the calibration we look forward to in all our engagements. We are here for a long haul and look forward to long term relationships with our customers. The intrinsic values we imbibe in our team to set the benchmarks for excellence in our work encompass a whole gamut of attributes and organisational cultural values

Build Relationships

We look forward to long fruitful relationships with our customers by keeping them relevant in today’s disruptive business models enabled by technology adoptions.

Rich Experience

Our team with decades of experience in building products and providing specialised services across domains and technologies brings with it a wide spectrum of premier matured skills

Passion for Work

We look forward to exciting assignments to have fun at work. We seek challenges of all kinds, scale, complexity or domain understanding

Openness, Honesty and Transparency

We believe in transparency in work. Our team ensures that our customer remains aware of ground realities at all times. The delivery challenges we face, the wins we get, the small failures, adding pressure to scope/timelines or cost, whatever we encounter we communicate. The trust we build with our customers is precious for us.

Quality Processes

Our senior technical team members have experienced the journey from ISO  to a CMM V level complaint organizations very early in their careeer, almost more than 1.5 decades ago. This wisdom has stayed and evolved over time and they are our ready reckoners or guides or mentors for delivery quality monitoring and course corrections as and when necessary

Optimised Delivery models

We offer multiple delivery engagement models to suit the scope. Our flexibility in adopting to methods relevant to the scope distinguishes us.

Timeliness & Value for money

Our team maintains and sustains a level of productivity, cost and time consciousness at all times. Planning and execution skills and prior foresight of the challenges we may face in our engagements, which impact the key metrics of project, helps us in early injecting of tools and methods/processes to keep the project parameters under diligent controls at all times

Culture of learning

Our senior leadership team encourages and inspires the team to build a learning culture by getting their hands dirty often, while sitting down with the team in helping them find solutions to challenges.